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William Beeson's book - available here.


September 19, 1984: the first implantation of the first truly viable artificial disc replacement.
September 19, 2006: a great day to kick-off the discussion forums at www.iSpine.org!

Mission Statement

The mission of Global Patient Network is to make a positive difference in the lives of spine patients by helping them to educate themselves about the best possible treatments available.  Global Patient Network offers caring and responsive patient consulting and advocacy services, coordinates regular and in-depth presentations for patients by leading spinal surgeons from across the United States and Europe, and helps patients and doctors communicate effectively by providing an online patient profile to allow quick and easy reference to patient medical histories.

I have established strong working relationships with a number of spinal specialists, and I keep informed of new developments in spinal treatments by observing spine surgeries, and regularly attending medical conferences across the country and in Europe.

I know first-hand what life is like for spine patients. I lived through years of my own 'spinal hell', suffering through two unsuccessful spine surgeries before a two-level Artificial Disc Replacement helped me to make a full recovery. I have a deep appreciation for the needs and concerns of patients and bring this to my work at Global Patient Network.

Mark Mintzer               
Global Patient Network, Inc.   

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