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Manufacturer's Websites (Update coming August 2011)

Link (Charite'): www.linkspine.com

Spine Solutions (ProDisc): www.spinesolutionsinc.com

Flexicore Disc: www.spinecore.com

Doctor's Websites

Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli:  www.pro-spine.com

Dr. Fabien Bitan: www.discreplacement.com

Dr. Karin Buettner-Janz: www.vivantes.de

Dr. Stephen Hochschuler: www.texasback.com

Dr. John Regan: www.spinesource.com

Dr. James Yue: www.yale.com

Dr. Anthony Yeung:  www.sciatica.com

Dr. Willem Zeegers: www.medkiozk.com

ADR Clinics

Note from Mark: "This clinic is the finest diagnostic center on the planet, that I know of and have dealt with. Their unique organization combines a team of the finest professionals available, with the most state of the art equipment. They do open, functional MRI, 3 Tesla MRI, and CT guided procedures, but is is much more than that. Because they are a private clinic that owns the equipment, they do not have to coordinate with other facilities for the tests that they deem necessary. This allows them to do detailed studies, interrogating individual structures instread of simply doing large panels of tests that cannot yield such targeted results. The BetaKlinik is second to none!"

Updates coming August 2011



MedTec Imaging: x-ray duplication service

MedsBest: arthritis pain relief products

Spine Doctor

Translate my MRI by whiplash101.com

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Peter Beckwith Life Coaching

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