4-Level Microscopic Decompression L2-S1
Single-Level PCM Cervical ADR 1 week later

Alpha Klinik - Dr. Zeegers - Munich, Germany - May 2006

All the pictures below were extracted from the
video, shot 1 week post-op from second surgery

Jack first contacted Global Patient Network in December of 2005. He had been seeing American orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and neurologists for 20 years. He had increasing pain, numbness, and substantial strength loss in his legs, all of which he was told was already permanent and could not be relieved. He had been avoiding surgery for 20 years, but the reason he was seeking to learn about surgical options now is because the strength loss in his legs had become so substantial that he always needed a cane to walk and sometimes needed a walker.

Jack was fearing losing the ability to walk, and wanted to learn about his options. Jack's lumbar spine was so severely degenerated that he was not a candidate for disc replacement surgery. He also had some cervical issues that were minor compared to his lumbar issues. His case was presented to Dr. Zeegers at the Alpha Klinik, who recommended a posterior decompression surgery that may relieve some of the neuro-deficits and pain in his legs. If he tolerated the surgery well, he would be considered for a cervical disc replacement in order to resolve the much less serious issues in his arms and hands. Jack went to the Alpha Klinik in May, and before he had his surgery he was sent across the street to Dr. Baumbach. It was then that Dr. Baumbach made a diagnosis that had never been suggested in the years of going to neurologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedic surgeons, who told him that the strength loss in his legs was already permanent. Amazingly, Dr. Baumbach suggested that the strength loss in his legs was connected to the problems in his cervical spine.

Jack had a lumbar decompression surgery and as Dr. Baumbach suggested. The pain and numbness in his legs was relieved but the strength loss in his legs remained unchanged; he could still not pick his feet up off the floor. One week after his lumbar surgery, Jack underwent cervical disc replacement and the results are nothing short of a miracle. Click the link to see the video of Jack one week after his cervical disc replacement surgery, and keep in mind that this man could not pick up his feet before the surgery.


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Unfortunately, the videos linked above were shot in a non-standard format AND the videographer rotated the camera. The quicktime video is not rotated, but we were unable to keep the sound.