In May of 2008, Sam was featured in 2 segments on THV TV, Little Rock, Arkansas


5/2/07 Mark here... middle of the night in Berlin at the Spine Artroplasty Society's 7th annual congress. I just got off the phone with Sam. He returned to the US yesterday. on 4/13/07, Sam underwent cervical ADR surgery at the AlphaKlinik. Dr. Zeegers implanted Mobi-C at the C5-6 levels.

Prior to the surgery, his arms, hands and legs were weak. Upon waking, he could tell that things would be getting better. The day after his surgery, he was walking way better than before.... all the symptoms that were attributed to his c-spine are much, much improved.

When Sam was in Germany, he met another GPN client (Lorna) who underwent Maverick ADR explantation, then fusion with STALIF cage. The following week, she had posterior decompression surgery with Coflex implanted at L5-S1. When I spoke to Lorna, she was so appreciative. Sam visited her every day and brought her flowers and candy. I already knew that Sam is one of the kindest people in the world... now Lorna knows too.

I really liked the way they connected... Lorna introduced herself to Sam in the waiting room at the clinic.... "Hey, I know you from your GPN patient story... you are Sam Perroni." (Sam was about 6'6" before having disc height restored in both his cervical and lumbar spine... so he's easy to spot... must be close to 6'8" now???)

Good luck and continued success Sam and Lorna!!!


1-day post-op... up and about!
4-days post-op... out of the hospital.

My name is Sam Perroni. I'm a trial attorney from Little Rock, Arkansas. After an auto accident in early 2005, I was left with disabling back pain that absolutely dominated EVERY aspect of my life. I was unable to work, unable to enjoy the most innocuous social situations, unable to function. Although I am very well connected to the medical community in Little Rock, I quickly exhausted all of my options here, with little hope for returning to normal life.

Seeking the best medical care available in the world, in January, 2006, I went to the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. After three weeks and seemingly every test known to man, I was told what amounted to, "You have no reasonable surgical options. You are a pain management patient. This is your life, get used to it." (While this sounds harsh, I have to say that have nothing but thanks and admiration for the doctors at Mayo. They were kind and thorough and offered me the best technology that was available to them.)

While at the Mayo, my wife Pat was doing laundry in the hotel basement laundromat. A man named Dave struck a conversation with her and when she told him why we were at the Mayo, he said, "you have to talk to my brother!" I contacted Dave's brother Joe, who told me, "you have to talk to Mark at GPN!" (After exhaustive research, including attending the International Patient Symposium, Joe used Mark's services to present to top artificial disc replacement surgeons and to travel with him as his patient advocate in Germany.)

Remember that I spent 3 weeks in January at the Mayo clinic and was told that I had no reasonable options other than pain management. I first spoke to Mark at GPN on January 29th. Within a week, he had my films online and they were being reviewed by the most experienced ADR surgeon in the world. Within a week after that, I was speaking with the doctor and we were discussing surgery dates.

During the process, Mark uncovered an issue that was buried in the reams of test results from Mayo. A flurry of activity ensued that included much discussion, additional tests, discussions with other doctors about treatment options. Based on this, I felt very comfortable going into the surgery knowing that we had the best technology available and already in the OR (and backups on hand). No surprises.

I decided to use Mark as my patient advocate in Germany, as Joe did. I cannot express how important it was for me and Pat to have Mark there. At every turn, it seemed that Mark made things easier and more comfortable. But it is not just about comfort-level; it's about feeling like I understood each and every step of the way and was able to make informed decisions. There is so much to understand. At my experience level as a spine patient and in my disabled state, I was in no position to process the information presented without the help and caring assistance that Mark provides.

Upon arrival at the AlphaKlinik, it was immediately clear that I was about to get the best care available. Everything about thier facility is first-class. Their x-rays are clearer, MRI's sharper. The neuro exam by Dr. Herbert Baumbagh was unlike any other I'd experienced... so much more throrough and complete.

This surgery is a big ordeal and is not easy to recover from, but the setup at the AlphaKlinik, Mark's assistance, and the excellent Sheraton Grand across the street, made for as good an experience as is possible when you are talking about multi-level spine surgery!

At the time I'm writing this, I'm only six weeks post-op. While I don't know how good I'll get, I can tell you that my life is already a hundred times better than before the surgery. I am doing things that were impossible just a few short weeks ago. I can walk many blocks with my new grandchild, where one block was too much before the surgery. I went to my daughter's for Easter (a 2,5 hour drive) - something that was impossible to consider. I have a life again, where I had no life before the surgery.

Thank you Dr. Zeegers and thank you Mark!

Sam Perroni 4/24/06

5 weeks after surgery, Sam was in Cabo!

Mark's note... I wish I had taken some pictures of Sam before the surgery. I cannot tell you how different he looked from the very start...

1-day up and about

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