3-level ProDisc-C
Straubing, Germany - March 2006

Read about the difficult diagnosis:
Cervical Myelopathy, Benign Imaging (Braintalk forum)

Ginger and her best friend... her mother Sherry.
A typical "before" picture. Can you tell which one is the spine patient?

The picture above was taken in Munich on the way in to see neurologist, Dr. Herbert Baumbach.
He performed an extraordinary neuro-exam, correlating symptoms to pathology in her cervical
spine that had been previously overlooked by three other neurologists.

On the way into Straubing, we stopped at the incredible church, Oberalteich. In order
to see the beautiful frescos on the ceiling, Ginger had to sit and help support her head.

Early morning fog over from Bogenberg, overlooking the river Donnau (Danube).

Pro-Spine's Dr. Kucera. One of the kindest and gentlest doctors I've ever met.

The view from the Ortho ward at St. Elisabeth Hospital. 12th century St. Peter's.

Post-op lateral view

A new sunrise for a new life!

3 days post-op - dancing her first jig:

Checking out of St. Elisabeth Hospital

Egret nest atop a steeple (from room 500's balcony.)

A surprise visit from Dr. B

Unfortunately, this picture is washed out by the extreme backlighting. This is a private
balcony of room 500. It has a small table and chairs and a chaise lounge. The view is incredible.

Twilight from the Theresientor

The first outing....

5-days post-op

More of the Stadtplatz

Returning to life! I can't believe that she can hold her camera this way!
The outings are full of laughter. We keep discussing things like:
"The shooting pains into my head are gone!", "I can feel my hand!",
"I can hold the camera without shaking!", "I can walk without bumping into things!"

Free at last!

Wishing everyone such success!