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David   12-31-2006

Has anyone had any experience with a Dr. Jho? He is a surgeon from Pennsylvania. Thanks

David   12-31-2006

A few people here have had their surgeries done in Austria and German.<br><br>Where are these places please?

Syed Usman   12-24-2006

Dear All,

I have been diagnoised by neurosergens after seing the MRI report. I have cervical spondilosis herniated discat level c4-c5, c5-c6 and c6-c7,with nerve root compression on right and left. I have dull pain on my neck, shoulder plates, arms and wrist, and numbness on my thumb, index finger and middle finger on both sides. Doctors have referred to Microdiscetomy with fusion and plates and bone graft. I have decided to go for surger after 2 weeks, but scared. I want your opion and especially from patients who have under gone mirodisectomy for cervical

DAVID WELLER   12-8-2006


David, David W (adrsupport)   11-21-2006


I just wanted to personally give you my thanks for providing such a useful service for us cervical and lumbar patients!

Although it took me about a year after requesting your help to finally make my decision, I just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that I havd L4-L5 and L5-S1 Prodisc surgery with Dr. Bertagnoli in Straubing, 7 days ago (I leave this coming Saturday).

To let you know, the difference is like night and day. I have very little incision pain, and my back pain feels like typical muscle irritation and stretching that occurs from my daily walks here in Straubing. If I feel this good 7 days after the surgery (and 's low and steady wins the race'), then I can't wait to see what I feel like in 6 months (I would love to think that I might even been able to ride motorcycles again!)

Without your help, guidance, and consultation, it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out which path was correct for me when it came to my lumbar spine!

Again, my thanks.

David W

Rick Houghtaling   11-20-2006


Thanks again for everything you have done for me. Being 2 yrs post Op next week and being able to thank (you) and Dr. Zeegers personally yesterday was fantastic! Thank you for the get-together/presentation at your home and the time and energy you spend in getting people with spine problems and doctors with solutions in the same room. Your hardwork and tenacity is appreciated far beyond what you will ever know.

Thanks again.


Catherine Bradley   11-12-2006

Mark, we're wondering why everyone's "pushing" the Pro-Disc instead of the Charite. We know your surgery was successful, but we had hoped to be able to have the Charite surgery. Would anyone care to respond? Thanks.

lori a. beaule   10-23-2006

hi . i have a very serious question i would love you to answer.10 years ago i was told by a neurosurgeon that i had herniated discs at t1,t2 -c5,c6 and that if i wanted them to operate that i better get my affairs in order because i would not make it through. he said there was 80% chance that i would be parellized from my neck recently i had some tests done and they found that well this is what is on my test papers. there is no loss of vertebral alignment. there is some spurring and evidence of early degenerative disc disease at c5, c6. the disc spaces are well maintained. and cervical spine,c5,to t2 was obtained. there is no bulging or prolapse at c5-6, c6-7 or c7 or c7-t1. at t1-2, there are prominent posterior osteophtes at the vertebral margins with a moderate anterior impression of the thecal sac at this level.and at c5-6, there is some minor osteophytes at the vertebral margins. there is however no thecal sac impression. now my question is is this bad do i need to have an operation. how long should i wait to see a doctor. i live in canada and here you wait along time to see specialists.should i try to get in as soon as i had a weird thing happen to me .i had uncontrolable shaking and twitching and body jumping all over the place. i had no control of my happened to me 3 years ago, and now again today.then it happened to my whole body except my it was just my left side and my mind was shoulder on my left side does not feel the same as the other feels like numbness and needles poking shoulder has raised up close to my ear and i look lopsided.and i keep tipping to my left and i always have to grab for the walls or the counters. is it getting really bad. should i go through emerge to get help ,or do i have time to wait 6 months to a year before i see the doctor.i am very scared. and i don't know what to do. please help me figure out what to do. thank you for listening. lori a. beaule. my e-mail address is

shellie   10-22-2006

I had a MVA 9/25/05. The other drive was on her cell and ran the red light. I went to ER via EMS and then spent 9 months of my doctor sending me to PT, chiropractor, and back to PT. The doctor did a MRI of my lower back and not my neck that I have been screaming about even in the ER and the loss of use to my arm and my legs buckle and swell really bad. The MRI of my lower back (5 months) after MVA showed my L4,5 disk torn. The x-ray of my knee that was smashed into the stiring column (7 months after MVA) showed a remote healed fibular fracture. I still could not move my head and just started being able to peck out a few letters on my key board. After 9 months I fired the quack and started seeing another doctor who sent me to a neuro to do a nerve conduction test that came back normal. Then she sent me to pain man doc and he demanded a MRI of the cervical area. It took a few months to fight the red tape of medicaid and when they did the MRI 9/20/06 they found a spinal cord compression at C5,6 T1,2 and T2,3 with a myelomalacia or spinal cord cavatation in the T reagion.
I have 5 questions.

1. Since I had no symptoms of any problems till the MVA of this is it safe to say the MVA caused it?

2. Since my first doctor screwed me around and did not do a MRI when I was still complaining about no ability to move my neck or arm 3 months after the MVA is it clearly malpratice?

3. Where do I find a doctor to review my medical file that can and will give me the answer on malpratice?

What type of evedence do I need to prove malpratice? I honesty feel that, that doctor should not even hold a lic to clip dog's nails. If he would have LISTENED to me and tested me and listened to the PT who told me not to come back because PT was to help not make it worse. I would not be facing so much damage to my body and praying that it can still be fixed and that I can get some function back to my arm and neck and less pain.

I just turned 40. I have RSD in my left ankle. Until the MVA I have had a cracked wrist on my left at the age of 16. I cracked my tail bone when I was 33 snow sledding with my kids. And filpping a huge corn spider off my hand cracked 2 bones in my hand from hitting the side of the house at age 34 the sucker jumped on me while I was planting roses by the house.

5. I have full body bone scans and MRI's from when they diagnoced me with RSD. Would it help prove that I did not have this C and T area problems before the accident?
Any answers would help.
Thank you

lORNA   10-14-2006

hI EVERYONE JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKYOU TO MARK. i had some queries about the guestbook and he answered them straight away! Thanks Mark, I really appreciate that you took the time to answer me. What Mark has created is great as it is SO IMPORTANT to feel like you are not alone in your pain. NO you are not some strange medical freak!!!! You Have spine problems that so many others have and understand and thatmeans so much. THANKYOU MARK and CLAN for your patience and commitment!

Paula   10-13-2006

After a car accident in July of 2005 and a fall in August of 2003, and seeing variety of Doctors to treat pain and looking for a surgeon that will treat my L4-L5 that is half way into my spinal cord, I understand every one of your stories. I am only 42 and I used to be active, healthy and a tax paying worker. I have a master degree and feel I am intelligent. But most Dr.'s I have seen for this problem just say it is inoperable and leave the office without telling me why. My pain Dr. finally told me it is because there is a bone spur sticking into my spinal cord that they are all afraid will cut my cord and paralyze me from the waist down. However, the pain is so great daily even on pain killers, it has landed me in bed and I hardly go out. I can't walk or do my housework. It hurts to even drive due to bumps in the road. Chiropractic helps temporarily as do spine injections and neutotomy of the facets, RPN spinal nerve burning which really hurts while you have it done. Only someone in terrible pain would do this proceedure. I was ok until I had the second fall in August of 2006, I could no longer work and lost my job. I would suggest to anyone with painful spine problems after an accident is get a lawyer right away, take photos of the area where you were hurt (a trip or slip and fall) or car accident and take your case to the courts for all you can get to get medical treatment. You will need it. Also, heat does help when combined with Ben Gay and a pillow under the knees. Oxycodone, Carisoprodol, and Nabumetone will help. But they only last about 4-5 hours. I have spinal stenosis, DDD, 4 herniated discs in my neck, arthritis, and my L4-L5 is shot. Warm baths help too. I finanally went to seak assistance for a new treatment called minimally invasive spine treatment at a local Dr. The Dr. was more concerned about money than me. His office gave me a run around for over 3 weeks, until my attorney wrote them a letter. When they would not respond to him, he told me to find another surgeon that did the same procedure. It is supposed to be 80-87% successful in releiving pain. Do not try to go to your family physician for pain meds. go to a Dr. that specializes in chronic pain and get SSI SSDI and try to get on section 8 even if they do give it a long waiting list. Be ready for many battles to get what you want and use your local community list or referal center to get any aide you can from your state and federal programs. The pain drives you a bit insane to be honest. You go through bouts of anger to crying to fear and back again. There is so little they know about treating the brain or the spine yet. Microdiscetomy if it is available for you do it. But we may have to wait for America to catch up in laser spine treatment technology to be able to get it, afford it and not be taken by money grubbing Doctors. I am attempting another visit to an Orthopedic surgeon. This time however, I had my MRI sent in to the Dr. and had my Medical records from UW sent to him to evaluate to see if he would take my case. This is better than waiting to see a Dr. for hours being charged to only be told that he/she won't do it. A dr. Perry in tampa florida does all sorts of laser spine treatments. just go to the site laser spine institute. It was too far for me to travel and so far my family will not help pay to have me fly down there to get the surgery. But read the patient testimonials and you will see that they have helped countless people. There is one in Texas too. They just are not all over the country yet, and Medicare is so far fighting Dr.'s and making them wait for payments, so if you have little money it is harder. If you go in saying you have a personal injury claim, Medicare will make you wait 120 days before they will pay your Doctor, which does not motivate the latest I saw to work on you. They use either lasers or water jets to cut the disc away safely from the cord which could cure your pain. I have many problems with my back and am just waiting for them to get someone in there that will be certified to do the surgery. In the meantime I am broke and struggling with my minor son and in pain daily. I have a state program who sends me people out to help clean and do shopping for me or cook or take me to Dr. apts. CNA's they are called. I went for Catholic services, but only qualified for 20 hours a week. So I wait and wait for a Dr. to call who will take my case. Dr. Perry called and said he would do it, but I have to find a way to florida and spend a few days there if I go to the laser spine institute. If there is one in your state, check it out. Give them your regular insurance if you have it as primary and Medicare and secondary. Most do not accept Medicaid, I heard by 2008 the Dr. in Bothell WA would be accepted finally. The state drags its heals in helping those when there are other alternative solutions. The procedure has been done in Europe for many years, Germany etc. but only came to america the past 50. They are not in every state. So be prepared to ask for help from family, fight to get treatment and call medicare weekly to get them to cooperate with your Dr. of choice. Just be sure to check out each Dr.'s background, experience and education. Contact the American Medical Association to check their credentials. Working around a spinal cord is a tricky business, and the regular Dr.'s don't want to prescribe pain and muscle relaxers long term because they are worried they will be getting you hooked on them. They are narcotics and highly addictive. I have been on them for 5 months. Whatever you do, even after surgery, have a pain specialist take you down on these slowly so you do not have major withdrawl side effects. This can be very uncomfortable.There is hope on the horizon guys, but I think we all will need for technology to catch up with the needs we have in the states. You are all in my prayers and I wish you luck. If you want to write me you can. I live in Lynnwood WA just north of Seattle and would love a support group for this. I see a clinician every two weeks to get all my frustrations out and get suggestions on how to cope. It helps some. Let me ask just one question to you all, which would be worse? Being in pain all of your life or living in a wheel chair paralyzed from the waist down or even death? We need a solution and Doctors that are straight with us and will help us. But regular doctors will not prescribe. You must go to a pain management specialist once a month for these drugs. Keep looking for a solution a doctor that will take a chance on you. Don't give up. And check into laser spine treatments. I think they are our only hope if inoperable by a Neurologist or Orthopedic Surgeon. Injections are temporary, 3-5 week max. Neurotomy's are longer term, but can't block a herniated disc pain or c spine stenosis problem or DDD totally. I was only allowed 4 injections in one part of my back each visit for 6 months. The neurotomy was perfomed and I was better with that and visits to my chiropractor until my fall in 2006. Just don't give up, you can email me to talk at if you want. I check my mail two times a week, and can only sit up typing for short periods. Still I would love to help support you and get support too. God bless and good luck to all of you.

louis a ruiz   10-12-2006


Debbie Rogne   10-11-2006

Please help me I am in so much pain all the time because of my multiple degenerated disc dicease and the pain in my legs and back are too much for me to handle and trying to raise children and trying to make a living cleaning homes. Please if there is a
doctor out there to help me please help me. I am so depressed.

Debbie Rogne   10-11-2006

I have multiple degenerated disc dicese and a have neveve protusions on my legs and lots of pain please if there is anything or anyone can help me please help me it has been three years and my life is not the same. They turned me away at the Sioux Falls
Hospital. Can anybody please help me.

louis a ruiz   10-11-2006

i need a back sergion who takes medicare i have cerical and lumbar disk herniation. doctors give me the runaround and my lawyer theareting to bailout on me putting me under durres. filing complaint. leting publick know beware.investigators will someday catch up with them.then they will face the consequenses.

annette   10-11-2006


Joseph Singerline   10-9-2006

I'm a 34 year old male, had my first herniated disc at age 20, 10 days short of my 21st birthday. Developed DDD at age 26 in the T-7 thru T11 area.
Have had over 21 Epidoral Steroid Injections for the DDD in the past 8 years. I hate asking the doctors for pain meds, I think that they all think I'm a drug seeker looking to get high!!
I moved to a new state to finish school and had to finally go to a new back doctor. After ANOTHER MRI he sent me to the Pain MGT doctor he uses. After 3 Injections and 4 months later the pain is back and can't have another series for 2 more months!!!! I am at the end of my rope once again. These guys know my background, have seen my reports from other doctors. I am soooooo frustrated with the medical community, pain killers were made for people in PAIN!!!! I don't care if some loser drug addict came looking for pain pills yesterday!! If the Epidoral Injections didn't work, I need some kind of medicine that kills PAIN!!!! <<< edited by GPN. >>> I have heard that there is a new proceedure out there, one where something is injected into the disc, making it like new. I don't know, i caught a news report at the last minute it was on. Are there any doctors out there that actually care about people in TERRIBLE PAIN?!?!!? Sorry to ramble on, but damn it, I can't stand it anymore!!!!!!

Sandie Darius/Spinal   10-6-2006

I have had back surgery. My Doctor had to go thru my belly to remove titatium cages from my spine. He replaced them with a piece from my hip, screws, etc. This was 2 years ago and ever since my left side of my abdomen has a terrible buldge and my bely button is off centered. To look at me it appears that one hip is higher than the other. Needless to say, my self confidence is very low. Is there anyone who can advise me of any doctors who might be able to repair this?

Diane Takacs   10-1-2006

My email was wromg in my last submission. I have terrible lower disc problems and I'm looking for so help

Diane Takacs   10-1-2006

I have been suffering with low back pain even done my legs and so far I have not had a relief even afeter several no invasive treatments This has been going om for 10 years and I really need to get my life back. I can't stand for any time and I'm in constant pain

sherri spisic   9-30-2006

in response to Carol and anyone else with disc/joint problems. I was in a car accident three years ago and now have permanent joint damage in my neck, my doctor is into new proceedures and I trust him with my life. I have had a proceedure called radio frequency ablation done 2 times now and both times it has resolved my pain. This is a burning of the nerves attached to the joints/discs with the damage. You will no longer feel the pain!!!!! Without this being done I would never have made it through the last 3 years!!! I recommended it to a friend who"s girlfiend was off work for 5 years due to disc problems in lower back, she had it done and was back to work full duties!!! there is hope to deal with pain, but only if you have an open minded doctor. This proceedure is done through a clinic in calgary AB anyone wanting info can contact me at for more info

Sandy Mcfarlane   9-28-2006

My daughter Lorna, had spinal surgery after an awful accident at work. She is 34 years of age and has 4 children . Every day is a battle for her to get around. She had a Maverick prosthesis inserted which has not been successful. She is virtually a cripple and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. She is going to have further surgery in October to have a spinal stimulater inserted and I pray that she will get relief from pain to have some normality in her life. She was a registered nurse,a very vivacious girl, full of personality who loved and lived life. She was always very active in her community and nothing was a bother to her. But now she cant sit for more than 10 minutes or stand for more than half an hour without being in terrible pain. I feel so frustrated that they can send people to the moon but cant give my daughter some quality in her life..... Sorry just had to vent my frustrations , hate seeing my girl suffer so much.

Sandy Mcfarlane   9-28-2006

My daughter Lorna, had spinal surgery after an awful accident at work. She is 34 years of age and has 4 children . Every day is a battle for her to get around. She had a Maverick prosthesis inserted which has not been successful. She is virtually a cripple and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. She is going to have further surgery in October to have a spinal stimulater inserted and I pray that she will get relief from pain to have some normality in her life. She was a registered nurse,a very vivacious girl, full of personality who loved and lived life. She was always very active in her community and nothing was a bother to her. But now she cant sit for more than 10 minutes or stand for more than half an hour without being in terrible pain. I feel so frustrated that they can send people to the moon but cant give my daughter some quality in her life..... Sorry just had to vent my frustrations , hate seeing my girl suffer so much.

lana   9-27-2006

does anyone know if bcbs of nc has paid for any artificial disc replacement? I need one and they denied it. Does anyone have any advise?

Lorna   9-26-2006

Think this sit is good for people to feel like they are not alone in their pain but I think people need to respond to each others enquiries!!! Doctors and other staff tend not to listen to us so we at least need to REALLY listen to each other! In response to DAVID (7/7/06) The knee joint pain that feels like cold steel is exactly what I feel and i am amazed at how many people have these similar symptoms post lumber disc replacement. Why don't the doctors warn us about these side affects?? I have tried every narcotic available with no relief at all Hot Packs placed at every site of pain can provide instant relief, I can be lying down with them under both feet, knees buttocks and thighs and l5-S1 site!!!! PURE HEAVEN so just try it and see??
As for JAY (8/02/06) Think long and hard about the Maverick disc replacement. It may work for you but I have had more leg pain since I had it done. If anyone wants any info I can be e-mailed at Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone who knows what back pain is about. For all of us enduring it, we know that unless you have experienced it you just haven't a clue as to the misery it can bring.I am struggling to keep on a happy coping face for my 4 young kids 3-13 and wonderful hubby so if I could just blurb with another back chick or guy it might help me get some stress out of my system!! Anyway, REMEMBER GUESTBOOK WRITERS< DON"T JUST WRITE YOUR STORY, RESPOND TO OTHERS OTHERWISE THIS IS ALL A WASTE OF TIME TAKE CARE, TOMMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY AND IT MAY JUST BE BETTER THAN TODAY!!

Carol Argyle   9-18-2006

I have recently developed debilitating joint pain, have arthritis in back, neck and hips. I was diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis a year ago due to pain and deformity in both hands. I retired from Fed. Government in 1998 with chronic health problems, including pancreatitis, interstitial cystitis, interstitial lung disease. I take 3 40 mg. oxycontin and 4 percocet daily which helped until the joint pain became unbearable. I have 4 young children 7-14 to raise. Advice from anyone, I am putting my family in the poor house with medical bills now.

jamie   9-17-2006

hello all........i was accepted into the stryker trial to receive/or maybe not?, an artificial cervical disc between C5-C6 in about 60 days. has anyone out there received the disc(or regular fusion), and how was your experience in detail?....somebody please help me with my severe anxiety and let me know what happened to you with your procedure?....should i go through with it?....i am really freaked----please email me at thank you.....jamie

brian theriault   9-15-2006

global disc bulge,disc herniation at l4-l4 level,thickened ligamentum flavum and slight spinal canal stenosis.median and left lateral disc herniation at l4-l5 level and median and right lateral disc herniation at l5-s1 with comperssion on thecal sac and adjacent nerve roots the thecal sac at l1-l2 is from posterior osteophytes and ligamentous calification.

Richard Garcia   9-15-2006

Hello my wife was in a vehicle accident and her doctors state as follows."mild broad-based disc bulge at C5-C6 and C6-C7. Mild degenerative change at C4 through C7. Do you have MRI pictures of normal discs?

susan ledford   9-14-2006

i have gotten a letter that states i have disc buldge and uncinatespurring at c6- c7
can you tell me what this is
also spondylosis at c6-c6and discbulge and facet arthropthy at l4-l5 and l5and sl
can you tell me something about this

Marie Cecelia   9-12-2006

I am 54 years old. At 50 I was involved in an accident and injured my neck and lower back. I was active-mtn. biked, hiked, skied, danced. It has been down hill for almost 5 years now and I've undergone all non-surgical treatments without any improvement. Pain and depression strong. It is my impression that the ProDisc ADR has been approved by the FDA for the lumber but not the cervical area yet. I am awaiting a compassionate use approval from the FDA to have a multi-level cervical ADR at levels C5/6 & C6/7 by ProDisc. Felt it was the best option over the fusion at this point for me. If the ADR does not work out, I can still have the fusion in the future but not the other way around. This option was not available to me locally and I'm traveling to CA to have this surgery. Has anyone had this ProDisc ADR? -- Either the Lumber or the Cervical! If so, I would love to hear the results? I know the multi level Cervical surgery has been done before and I would love to hear from anyone having this surgery. Good luck to everyone searching relief!

Debbie   1-14-1980

I had a Charite disc replacement 8 months ago and was free from pain until now. I have developed severe dibilitating nerve pain in my left leg. After my office visit to the surgeon to get help, he did one test and now won't even call me back to tell me what the deal is. Does anyone now anything about complications from the Charite or other ADR devices?

Shelley Ellis   9-7-2006

Denied again. this time for single level adr and fusion on the other level. Said it was medically unnecessary!!!! thanks bcbs!!!!

Joan Canova   9-5-2006

I've been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in the 4,5,6,7 vertebrae, there is no cartilege - it's bone grinding against bone, bulging disk, bone spurs, pinched nerve(s). Had an MRI today for further study. Blood work done for underlying condition. I'm controlling the pain with hot/cold packs, Tylenol for Arthritis, chiropractor, correcting my posture. Start physical therapy 9/8 with home cervical traction and exercises. I have problem for 30 years but managed it with anti-inflammatories. Now I have kidney disease so that's out. I'm 60 years old and very scared of this. I have a good job, family and would like to continue being active. The pain was excruciating in March but is now under control (moderate). Can anyone tell me if this always leads to being crippled? If I have surgery, how long does it last?

rosalind   9-4-2006

i had back surgery done in 1994 with four screws in my back after 2 years i started again with leg pain and knees went to the doctor and he tells me there is another disc problem i do not want to do another surgery sorry i did the first i can hardly walk any suggestions that can help besides surgery thanks

jim   8-31-2006

jennifer posted 8/1/2006
don,t know if anyone actually responds to these messages but i will respond to yours
had the c5- c6- c7 fusion cage bone titanium plate screws now the scar not so bad about 3" long not noticeable if you were a shirt with a coller.
but the scar hopefully is the least of the problems have had severe pain in my neck since live on oxy musscle relaxers and antiinflamatorys since
surgery was done feb 2004 went back to work after a year been back up untill last week
can,t take the oain anymore.
my advise make sure there is absolutly no other alternatives first my case pinching the spinal cord.
was told one good jarr and i would be paralyzed
my suggestion ask the doc if you can talk to someone he has done the surgery on
sorry to run on but this is a case of keeping your eys wide open.
not trying to scare you but not any other way i can explain,

mike   8-28-2006

Thank you all for sharing. I have the same 'ol story. Severe DDD at L4/5 & L5/S1 and in lots of pain and on lots of meds. I am 32 years old and in the military...have no kids,but want some. I have 2 civilian surgeons wanting to do double disc replacement with the ProDisc. The government insurance will not pay! Do I fight for it or get the 2 level fusion that they will pay for?

junius clawson   8-28-2006

need information about Junius Clawson - upcoming surgery for me

merbs   8-20-2006

to Barbara, i had a discetomy and fusion c1-c2 and it looks completely natural after a couple of months. the surgeon went in through the front and it looks exactly like a crease..Good Luck!!

Thomas Porter   8-18-2006

My wife is scheduled to have this surgury done in Allentown Pa. in late September of this year (06).
After reading a few of these reviews ours concerns are increased!
She is in a 'double blind' study and may not know which procedure is being performed on her until later. Can anyone tell us the upside to artificial discs as opposed to having two discs fused?? Thanks for any response.

Lorraine Leyland   8-18-2006

Hello I was given this website to have a look at by my spinal surgeon in the UK. I am a 36 year old lady with a history of cauda equina syndrome, I suffer from severe leg spasms and have just been told that my surgeon can operate to try and aleviate the pain. I was really unsure as he had no research i could look at but he did give me this website to look at. I am due to visit him again next week to decide wether or not to go ahead with the operation any advice would be greatly recieved. thankyou Lorraine Leyland

Margarite D'Amelio   8-16-2006

I am in search of a doctor/surgeon who is experienced in disc replacement.MRI confirmed that I have degenerated dics L3/L4 that has for over two years been a source of great discomfort. For the past five days, I cannot walk without great pain. Would like to find specialist in Calgary/ Please your assistance or referral would be greatly appreciated. Regards Margarite

Juan Legido   8-15-2006

can anyone tell me how much does it cost to have a discal hernia repair cost including hospitalization and exams, etc. Thank you!

barbara   8-14-2006

I am having artifical disc put in my neck at c4 bad will the scar be? does anyone have a picture to give me an idea? surgery is 8/21/06

A W   8-13-2006

I have DDD that effects my L5-S1 and I go to a chiro. every month for an adjustment........I started taking bellydancing lessons two months ago and I am having pain in the disc.......I love to dance and wondered if anyone had any suggestions about this problem. I hate to stop , but, don't want to irritate my back...........(oh so sad)!

Mark Mintzer   8-13-2006

A pantalar fusion immobilizes all three akle joint, stopping movement on all three axes. I'll be presenting Cheryl's case to an orthopedic surgeon who pioneered prosthetic ankles decades ago.


cheryl t.   8-12-2006

a ankle fusion or a pantalar ankle fusion?

monicas sore neck   8-12-2006

Hi had a ACDF on the 5/6 cervical spine,now having symptoms pointing to the t1 t2? Chest pains and arm pains into the little oinky fineger, woke up and the little pinky finger was numb!! All pain is exaggerated when flexing forward, anyone out there with similar symptoms. The fusion of c5/6 was sucessful, do they fuse the t1/2 together the same way?

Sue   8-11-2006

I was in a car accident on August 25, 2005. After many doctor appointments, I was finally diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4-5 and a bulging disc at L5-S1. My orthopaedic surgeon recommends a laminectomy for the herniated disc. Has anyone had this procedure before? Let me know whether it works and the total recovery time.

cheryl t.   8-11-2006

has anyone had a pantalar fusion?

judy jennings   8-10-2006

i have had 2 lower back surgerys already and tons of shots and pills and i still hurt like h-ll now my doctor wants to do a third surgery and go in thru the front and fuse the dise 4 and 5 i think together and then i will be in a body cast for 6 months. can you tell me more than this about the surgery he wants to do on me? i hurt so bad i fall asleep crying.

S Dennis   8-3-2006

My husband just had the Maverick ADR surgery. He had DDD in l4-l5 and l5-s1. We had to travel to Germany to get it done but it was half the cost and the surgeon and hospital have done 1000's. We highly recommend it. Feel free to email me for any help or additional information. Good Luck!

Tammy   8-3-2006

I have a friend, 34,M) that was just told today he may be in a wc in 4-5 years. He was on steroid therapy to treat ulcerative colitis 4 yr ago. Steroid therapy was ongoing for approx 1 yr. Has had 1 total hip replacementsince and his lumbar spine is degenerating rapidly, therefore, the outcome was given for 4-5 years and he would be in a wc. Is there ANY treatment for spinal degeneration? He is in severe pain all the time and the M.D. advised him sx was not an option. Is it a matter of time until pallative care is all that can be offered? He is also beginning to have difficulty with his other hip. Thank you for your time.

Jay   8-2-2006

Are there any Maverick Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) surgery stories out there, good or bad? I have an L4-L5 & L5-S1 problem...I reinjured myself after having a successful diskectomy at L5-S1 about 8 years ago...

Joel   8-2-2006

I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. I had c5/6 fused surgically in 1994. Did well for 10 years, but learned last year that c-4/5 spontaneously fused and that all remaining c-spine discs are disintegrating. I am in constant pain. I have been told that artificial discs for c-spine implant are in trials, nearing approval. Can anyone tell me the status? How do I find out if I am a candidate for replacement surgery. I have otherwise lead a very active life and this has shut me down.

Jennifer 8/1/2006   8-1-2006

I have a herniated disc at c4-c5 and a bulging disc at c5-c6.This has been going on for 4 years now. My docter suggests surgery. Has anyone had a similar injury and surgery? What is the recover time for a disectomy and fusion with bone? What ere the pros and cons? Thank you.

Sharon   7-31-2006

I have a spinal injury and was told I must have surgury sometime in the near future. Please send me any and all possible information on spinal injury. Is it possible that this condition and get better on it's own. Should I have surgery and if so how many types are out there. Any information would be very helpful. Just don't know what to do. Thank you very much.

Gautam   7-31-2006

I had slip disc between c5-c6 vertbrae of my neck around 4 months ago.After this I am having pain in my neck with pinching sensation.
From the past few days I am having weakness in my both hands and legs with partial numbness.
I want to know whether I should go for surgery or avoid it for sometime?

SANDRA   7-29-2006

I am in Midland Mich and I would like to find a doctor that does disk replacement in Mich. Could you help me?

James Holder   7-22-2006

I had two disk lamineckamies 19 years ago. They helped some but I had continual flarups usually taking three months to heal. On a relaps use cold the first day heat the next two days. Meds too of course. Then start moving as much as you can. Being still in bed does nothing to help after three days. I recomment physical therapy and smart living. I exercise in a mild streach and reach class three times a week. I pump iron to strengthen my lats and pecks. Strengthening these large musels also strengthens the tiny mussels in my back. I use the best car seat, lounge chair, desk chair, and bed I can fine. Cost is not important. I got smart and stopped playing golf. The twisting and one sidedness of golf hurts my back. That was a sad choice. After the twentith re-ingery, I got the message. No golf. I can now walk for miles and miles with no pain. Running is out. The vibration of running hurts my back. That is sad. It is the way it is.

Darlene   7-21-2006

I have an injury that turned out to be a buldging disc. I have a workmans comp case I have been looking on the computer to see what alternatives I have to correct this. I am seeing an workers comp specialist in August, an orthapedic meanwhile I am in alot of pain I used to be very athletic. Is it necessary to have surgery, or laser treatments there are so many choices that I am very confused. I also had lower back surgery 12 years ago for a herniated disc but in a different location. What do you think is the best method to look into, I want to go back to sports and I am 55 years old female thanks.

ES   7-20-2006

How can i get my Insurance to cover payment of the replacement Disc surgery

Katrina   7-19-2006

I recently loss vision in my right eye. No information has been given as to what caused this problem. MRI AND MRA results came back normal. Please give me information on "Sacordosis."Kathy

barbara owens   7-19-2006

need info about disk replacement

Kimberly Harms   7-17-2006

I had a bad slip and my back contorted unnaturally and I insattnly flet a sharp pain go through my spine and on top of the horrific pain now my internal rectoral muscles and baldder muscle are throbbing and tingling consistanly with other pain flaring up through my body could this be more then sciatica Hoping you can help kim

Sandy Kranwinkle   7-16-2006

I have had the L5 disked replaced by Dr. Junius Clawson. Up until a few weeks ago I have excruciating in my right leg. The pain has now moved from the top of him down to the right foot and the bottom of my foot out to the toes. I have tried heat. I have tried ice pack. Nothing seems to help. I have Methadose, Neurontin, I have had surgery in my L5 disc in January 04, I have had a good experience until lately. There is pain all down from the top of my hip and my knee. Tonight I have pain in my right food, heel, ankle and the Great Toe. It is burning and now pain is going into the same average before and behond. It is on the underside and not it is big areas of my right leg. Please Call Sandy Kranwinkle 801-597-5165.


Please help me I have a disc pressing on spine don't want to be paralayzed is where I am told I am headed please help. so I can go back to work.

cheryl white   7-12-2006

I have osteoarthritis in my right leg, and it gives out and becomes weak upon standing. I can't walk on some days, what contributes to this?

Dreama Wardell   7-10-2006

I've been to countless doctors for FM. Need help.

Melanie   7-10-2006

I have 2 herniated discs at c5/c6 and c6/c7. The c6/c7 herniation is compressing both the nerve and the spinal cord with symptoms of numbness and discomfort in my left arm as well as aching discomfort from neck through shoulder blade. The c5/c6 is compressing just the nerve with no apparent symptoms. Neurosurgeon wants to do anterior cervical distectomy on c5/c6 with additional surgery next year on adjacent disc due to additional stress on an already herniated disc. I am fairly active..private pilot, scuba diving, sailing and while I don't want to risk my spinal cord I want to know any other options such as how long the wait will be for fda approval on adr here in the US. The trials don't want multilevel damage so that alternative seems out of reach.

Eleanor   7-9-2006

My 35 year old daughter suffered a herniated disk and impinged nerve from a roller coaster. She is interested in the aritifical disk. Please let me know where it is performed and costs.

Debra   7-9-2006

After MANY years of back pain hell, I'm now at the point of having to choose a major surgical solution...but I need help in sorting through the maze of possible options for me. Artificial disk?...fusion?...
dynamic stabilization?...which doctor?...cost? coverage?...etc, etc, etc,......
Whatever I do, I need to move on it fairly quickly, as I only have insurance coverage for another 18 months. Mark, I've heard you are good at this...can you help me?? Any guidance will be GREATLY appreciated.

David   7-7-2006

In response to the person complaining of leg/knee pain, they said it feels like bone pain. I know the feeling. I have a broken L5/pars area, and bulging disks L4/L5. The pain goes through my buttocks down to my toes. It makes my leg/knee joint feel like its joint/bone pain. It also feels cold alot, not cold to the touch, but cold inside. I got hurt on the job as a police officer, and Im having to fight workers comp along with getting bad advice from doctors on what is wrong. My initial doctor advised it was a muscle strain, take some pain meds, and see me in a few months. I went back to work on the streets for 8 months, in pain everyday, until they discovered the break in L5/S1 during a myleogram. I have no good advice for pain management, but when mine really starts to hurt more than normal, i lie flat on my back with 2 pillows under my knee and take a muscle relaxer. It loosens the muscles around my lower back and actually helps more than regular pain meds. Hope i could help.

One so loved   7-7-2006

I would like to know how to contact Dr. Fabian Bitan and any information about his disc replacement for spinal injuries and degeneration.

Jason Kirkpatrick   7-6-2006

I would like any information on what sacordosis is, how it affects one, and any known treatments. THANK YOU!!!

Jason Kirkpatrick   7-5-2006

Just a question...I would like to know what is sacordosis, treatment and causes. THANK YOU!!!

Gloria Jean   7-2-2006

looking for help for a friend

Ssdavid schenon   6-29-2006

do you use makerick disc

(Editor note, David, you did not leave email address for reply. Please contact me via phone or email. Mark

Susan Sclafani   6-27-2006

I have been doing a great deal of research but have not been able to find one topic that touches on all my complaints. I was assaulted 7/04 and knocked down herniating c3-c4 c4-c5 as well as midline bulge of L5-S1 and L4-5 posterior bulge. While having these MRI's it was noted an abnormal signal withing the inferior pole of the right kidney was found which may indicate a cyst but furthur testing is recommended. I have told atleast 4 other doctors who have told me it is nothing to worry about some people have many cysts in the kidney and it is normal. I am writing because at night and now during the day I experience excrutiating pain in my hip, low back (right side only) and down to the knee. It is NOT muscular pain. It seems to be pain in the bone if that makes sense. I do smoke and research shows I am at twice the risk of kidney cancer so I am doing what I can to quit smoking. My life is a mess. I take all sorts of medications, of course the ones that releive the pain I cannot afford most of the time but I am very concerned. Can you give me any other advice? A web site? I have an appointment with my Doctor but she says it could take atleast 3 weeks to get the testing I need because I am indigent since the assault. Can someone help me? I cannot live like this. thank you for your time.

Michelle Jolly   6-26-2006

I have 4 ruptured discs and am in constant pain, due to the accident that caused this I have aquired a addiction to pain medication. I am so ready to have my back fixed and to never have to take medication again, if anyone has any suggestions please help.. Thank you!

Donnie   6-25-2006

Do not get a Cervicore replacement disc in your neck !! I am the 2cnd to recieve this has been 3 months...the disc has sunk down into my C-7 bone. It doesnt do squat. It is killing me. I have 6kids Doctors wont even help with disability claim. But say they can take it out and do fusion.
I said no....They told me the artificial disc would not move from the get go. Me and my family are screwed, because of lies !!!!!!!!
I foung out today that the doctor forced the wrong size disc into my neck..he said it was the biggest one made and I had big bones...he should have stopped when he found out the size was wrong..and done a regular fusion. &$@#$# ^%#$%# %$#$ has anyone else had this clinical trial Cervicore disc put into them ?? please e-mail me

Debbie   6-21-2006

It is considered negligance if the orthopedist inserts the wrong size disc during the initial TKR?

Mary   6-19-2006

Dear all especially TC, I am a dancer as wella dn just underwent the Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization Sytem L$/L5 dis. All pain gone. The intense pressure of that feeling that someine is contantly squezzing that part of the spine has diminished. Now, 3 weeks later, it seems only the top part needs to still heal as it inflames and lets me gives me that tissue tarring type of pain if I bend forward or round he back. However, that will go away with time. I am back to ab work, stecthing on my back, simple plies, tendues, and degages with a simple pirouette barre. I am composing work for my technique classes in the fall where i will be a university professor in dance. MFA at FSU. I can articulate my spine, but was told that i would loose 50% of my flexiblity JUSt in that area. I figured so waht, I can copmpensate, and TRAIN again doing all of peteite and grande allegro knowing I won't rupture my disc any further. i did get the disc shaved last year. Everything was going great, but it took that one slip on the floor, didn't actually go done but caught myself off gaurd, and it sliped again. So, put up with the pain until know more. It just got FDA approved, and i would suggest it to anyone who is willing to do all the PT exercises religiously so the tissue, muscles won't become stagnic. We will see in the long run how it effects my dancing, but at least i can always feel exactly what and where my lower spine is doing...which for a teacher, is actually quite facinating. For everyone i have read, my thoughts go out to you as i can see many in hell.
Regards, Mary

Ashutosh   6-18-2006

I am 30 years old. I have pain in right leg for one yers. when MRI has taken then it was a case degenerating of disc. it was lower most disc. A good doctor refused to surgury and suggested for epidural injection. I have taken two times injection. It releifed one or two months. Now i am suffering from pain. I am from New Delhi (India). What should I do. Please suggest me. I am poor also. Please .......... Help
Thanks a lot

Patsy   6-16-2006

I was injured at work lifting a box from a wrong position-been off for 2.5 weeks had xrays and pt with no luck-I have occasional numbness in my right thigh to my knee and sporadic-excruciating pain in my left si joint. I can't go back to work until weight restrictions are lifted-I think an mri is needed-anyone have some thoughts? Patsy/California

Ramon (Ray) G Ramos   6-16-2006

I had a knee surgery, 3 weeks after surgery developed an staph infection wich settled in my spine.Infection ate away my 3rd vetabrae and some of my bone in constant pain day and night where can I go for help with pain control? can I get help to be well again or come close to having a normal life again? Residein joplin missouri

JoeOlly   4-6-2006

hi i am thirty years of age and had two lower disc replacements last year .I was in a lot of pain and since the operation i have bad muscle pain and need painkillers every day. but i have no other pain .I was told that i could have a active life after the op but i can not see that happening.I worked up to my operation now ten months later i am still off work. I am so sure that had i took ten months off and rested without any surgury i would feel a hundred times better than i do now .Has any had a grat result from this op i would love to have some hope.

Drake / Braintalk   6-14-2006

Impessive webpage. I had a thoracotomy w/ partial corpectomy(?) with cages and a plate at T78 - T9-10. It was a very destuctive surgery which left me in bad shape.Dr. Curtis Dickman did the surgery. I guess I went too long with the spinal cord compressed (2 yrs) to see any real difference.

I have a Pars fracture at L4-5that may be part of the problem, but I turned down a 360 fusion about 3 years agobecause the doc was ignoring the t-spine.

Keep up the good work

Joseph St. Romain   6-10-2006

Wanted to see a surgery being done. Also wanted to see Joseph Kadair's story.


jaymz   6-6-2006

i had a c-5 c-6 fusion and platein feb 05, i was in a car accident a few months ago , someone crashed into me and i suffered another ruptured disc, this time c4-c5 with spinal cord impingement and my right arm is numb, dr says surgery is risky because old plate is scarred into the bone and has to be removed for new plate death or paralysis may result from surgery but he said it is more dangerous to leave it alone, any more trauma and i am in big trouble. i have to make a desicion but i have no idea what to do, i am only 39 and i have children any help would be greatly appreciated thanks jaymz

jay   6-6-2006

ok wow after reading all these stories my back hurts even more
ready? I hurt my back at work. (I build ponds for the rich. among other outdoor structures.) now I have been seeing a dr for a year now and had just lost my insurance and he kept telling me that Im fine. im young and i just pulled some thing yada yada yada. i ASURED him many times I will pay for an x-ray, mri or what ever needed to be done. honestly when i saked for some pain relif he said ibp and heres some mobic.
i used it and was sick from the two mixing. and go back to work knowing that i lift stuff all day.
so right after the 13 of last month after like the 3rd time in a year that I could'nt move out of my bed ,I said screw this! and got a second.
they sent me right away to get an mri on last wendsday.
i have a crushed L5 and l4 and a sist on my s1!
now im realy screwd huh?
now i need insurance again and maybe a lawer.
what to do

32 sore and confused

Shelley Ellis   6-5-2006

Hi Just wanted to know if anyone with BCBS has any luck in getting reimbursed for adr surgery done in germany? i need 2 levels. also, i think i read somewhere that u have to have a bmi of less than ? is this true and what is the bmi number. thanks in advance for a reply.

Toby Scola   6-5-2006

i am seeking a doctor who will replace l4 l5 and l5s1 for free i live in florida and i am at my last wits i am going crazy from pain in 1997 i had discsectomy lamanectomy and all was fine till i fell in 10-of 2002 now no one will fuse the say it is to gbad my only option is to install artafis/disc
please call me at 954-290-1873 i have all updated paper work inclouding mri x ray pain meds ther etc.
help i am broke and for the sake of god please help me
toby scla

Lorna   6-5-2006

Dearest Marla please think long and hard about getting a disc replacement done! I am an Aussie and had an L5-s1 replacement (with Maverick Prothesis) in 2005. Post surgery I have had increased pain in both legs like constant sciatica and burning leg pain.
I am a nurse myself and knew that my problems were all stemming from nerve damage. Wether this occurred during surgery i'm not sure but all I can say is that things have gone downhill since! Because the injury was done at work I was subjected to every known therapy or technique. MRIs, Cordal Epidurals, deep muscle injections, discograms, myelograms, facet-joint blocks every single narcotic analgesic available (and the least favourite of mine, per rectal cocyx manipulation), yes it was as much fun as it sounds!!!! PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! ONCE THEY TAKE OUT A DISC IT'S GONE AND YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK!! I AM NOW UP FOR A SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR OR INTRATHECAL MORPHINE PUMP WHICH I FEEL REALLY SAD ABOUT AS I'M ONLY 34 WITH KIDS RANGING IN AGE FROM 2-13. IF ANYONE GETS ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE PLESE JUST MAKE SURE THAT A FUSION IS NOT A BETTER OPTION FOR YOU. THE DRS WILL SAY DISC REPLACEMENT IS THE NEW THING (YA-DE-DA-DE-DA) BUT EVERY DR GETS A COMMISION FROM USING A PROTHESIS. OK A FUSION MAY RESTRICT MOVEMENT A BIT AT THE SITE BUT IF I ONLY HAD THAT I WOULD BE SO HAPPY! THE BURNING PAIN I HAVE NOW IS WITH ME FROM DAWN TO DUSK SO PLEASE DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE!!! RESEARCH AND TALK TO A COUPLE OF DIFFERENT DRS.

Lora Befort   6-4-2006

It has been 9 weeks since I had a disk removed and replaced in my neck. I have ad on going pain and today numbness in neck upperback and arms is ocurring. Whats wrong?

bev   5-31-2006

slipping disk in the jaw out of control pain , I need something for pain asap and the name of a DR who can help resolve this.

Marla Schroeder   5-30-2006

I hurt my back in a work related injury in 4/01. I have tried physical therapy, I have had 3 epidural injections, and 2 nerve blocks. With on improvement. I am thinking about a disc replacement. I would love some feedback from anyone good or bad. I live in Northern California if anyone has had it done in my area please give the name of a doctor. Thank you, Marla

joseph morra   5-26-2006

im a 68 yr old male...scan says most discs are problem is the lower most disc that is effecting my left leg..sciatica..dr. says no surgery... ive heard of SHOTS in europe that help with the pain. ive tried inversion,osteo,chiro, any thing new?????

C. H, W.   5-25-2006

I have Fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease in my all of my vertebrae in my back, I also have developed arthritis in my fingers and wrists, The second joint of my thumb is very senitive. This pain travels to my elbows and my shoulders. I have been told by more than one doctor that surgery can not help. I am taking oxycodonr 20 ER four times a day and oxycodone 5mg 1 to 2 for breakthrough pain. I can not work a eight hour job due to the back pain I have,. I fell walking out of an elevator where they were laying glue for carpet. There were no posted signs and the elevator was not shut off to avoid a accident. Ever since mt fall I have been getting increasingly worse. I can not work a 8 hour day as it takes me over 3 hours each morning to get control of my pain to go to work (hot baths, heating pad, medication, exercise) I am trying had to deal with what I have been dealt, Most of the time I do pretty well. I also have chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. also I have chronic optic migraines. I plan to apply for social security disapility. I am currently in the middle of workmans comp.Rigt bow I can work some. about 18 hours every 2 weeks. Does anyone else have problems like these?

Jared   5-25-2006

As far as I know, the Cspine ADR&#039;s in the US are on an experimental basis and are not main stream. You will have to look into European Neurosurgeons that offer ADR since the fusion is a thing of the past there and ADR is mainstream.<br><br>Jared

karen   5-25-2006

Odds are you can't just waltz into a Nuerosurgeon's office for an appointment, you would need a sound referral. I waited 6 months before I could get in to see my Nuerosurgeon, but once I was an established patient, things moved rather quickly.

Also, Landscaping is brutal work, lots of bending, twisting, lifting heavy objects at odd angles. Has your son experienced any tingling or electrical sensations in the legs? Heck he might have blown out a disc by lifting something wrong..... How long has he been a landscaper? What I am getting at is that this could be work related injury.

I know that most 21 year old landscapers are generally quite healthy guys, but please inquire with him to see if he has had any odd pains, stabbing in the back or numbness in the legs.

Disc spacing won't decrease overnight unless there is compression via major trauma so the odds of this being a new development is rare.

I know when my disc went bad, the center core essentially oozed out through a massive rupture in the side.... I lost mass, water and eventually there was no disc left between my vertabrae and my disc spacing between the vertabrae was almost completely collapsed.

If you have any questions, please post on here.


-----------------------------------------thank you for your post he did get a recall and they are setting up an MRI His dr told him that there are many 20 year old with a ittle loss of disc these days his maybe fixable or it maybe minor (cronic pain) and that med. could relieve it I guess he'll just have to wait for the MRI and go for there. oh and yes he has been doing this type of work for a few years now and has had little aches and pains so you are probally correct it didn't happen over night thanks again---------------------------------------

Rita De Ferrary   5-25-2006

Is there a precedent for a cervicl fuion being removed (plates and pedicle screws) and being replaced with an ADR device-with success?
Thank You,
Rita De Ferrary

Jrod   5-24-2006


Have your son make an appointment with a Neurosurgeon or for starters a physical medicine doctor. Xrays will show your vertabrae, their alignment and the space between them known as the disc space. If he has moderate disc space loss at L4-L5 this could mean he has a bad disc. The only way to know if the soft tissue (disc) is bad is if he underwent a Lumbar MRI. A physical medicine doctor and/or Neurosurgeon can order this.

Odds are you can't just waltz into a Nuerosurgeon's office for an appointment, you would need a sound referral. I waited 6 months before I could get in to see my Nuerosurgeon, but once I was an established patient, things moved rather quickly.

Also, Landscaping is brutal work, lots of bending, twisting, lifting heavy objects at odd angles. Has your son experienced any tingling or electrical sensations in the legs? Heck he might have blown out a disc by lifting something wrong..... How long has he been a landscaper? What I am getting at is that this could be work related injury.

I know that most 21 year old landscapers are generally quite healthy guys, but please inquire with him to see if he has had any odd pains, stabbing in the back or numbness in the legs.

Disc spacing won't decrease overnight unless there is compression via major trauma so the odds of this being a new development is rare.

I know when my disc went bad, the center core essentially oozed out through a massive rupture in the side.... I lost mass, water and eventually there was no disc left between my vertabrae and my disc spacing between the vertabrae was almost completely collapsed.

If you have any questions, please post on here.


gayle coleman   5-24-2006

I am now going to have my second surgery for ddd. I had fusion on c4/5, c5/6 and additional procedure to relieve the spinal cord compression. Now 1.5 years later, I have c3 herniation with compression of the spinal cord affecting t2 signals. I also have severe lower lumbar pain and was scheduled for a radio frequency ablation next week, but this was cancelled at my request because I am just emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted with pain, procedures and apprehension! My understanding is that my vocal cords are in jeopardy this time around, and I will be seeing an ENT reconstructive specialist prior to the upcoming procedure to identify which vocal cord is weaker, therefore determining the best approach for incision and procedure. My question is what percentage of patients have permanant loss of one or both vocal cords post procedure of the above mentioned fusion? Overall my health status is not the best, I am a 55 year old black female, diabetic, asthmatic, have mild form of glumerolonephritis, an upper intestinal bacterial infection,and have severe allergic reactions to several strands of antibiotics. However, I am a fighter, and I am still here, wanting to survive this latest round of challenges and preparing myself to the best of my ability.

Please inform me regarding the above question. This is my first visit to your website and I am so fortunate to have found it!


karen   5-23-2006

my son who is 21 has had lower back pain for some time how finally the doctors took x-rays and report ws that
there is mild to moderate loss of disc space at L4-L5 (mild to moderate degenerative disc disease at L4-L5 what does this really mean as he didn't even get a follow up appointment should he be working he is a landscaper is there danger of damaging more please help if you can.

Monika   5-23-2006

My husband and I have 3 young children, I would like nothing better then to have their father healthy and able to be with them...without pain. After 2 surgeries to remove bulging discs, it has been a rough go. Please let me know what and who we need to see to get our lives back. Thank you.

John Bushey   5-22-2006

Ive had four back sugerys-with five disc removed-And im still walking-But not far or a lot at one time-My medication is allmost becoming useless-I take Durgasic 100 MG patches-and have to replace them every two days-If theres a way i can be put on a call up or waiting list-for anyplace that would insert these new inflatable disc i just saw on TV May 20,2006 ide be verry interested in this-But i know that if its just a expermintail-Then my insurance would not pay for it-So i need to know on what cost will be paid out by the people doing this new study-Can you please let me know-Thank You John Bushey

Darrell Dobas   5-22-2006

diagnosed with (DDD),cervical levels (3-4),(4-5).Have previous fusion c5-c6.Looking to get into clinical trials with either Bryan cervical or Cervitech's PCM. Wearing cervical collar, have neck and shoulder pain,arms will go into paraloysis without neck brace. contact me at dpdobas (at) thanks

George Guttman   5-21-2006

I was referred to GPN by a friend who recommended Mark as someone who help me sort out my options regarding my chronic back problem. Mark was a great sounding board through the entire process. He even attended a doctor's appointment with me. He asked the questions that I would never have thought of asking. When you are going through situations such as these, it's important to have someone there who can help you to process the information in a logical, non-emotional, non-threatening way. Mark's help was very important for my peace of mind as I approached the surgery.

I was not a candidate for artificial disc. I had a single-level fusion last December. I'm now 5-months post-op and doing great!! I got myself in good physical condition before the surgery and really listened to my doctor and physical therapist religiously after the surgery.

Thanks Mark!

George Guttman, CFP

citi-chick   5-21-2006

I have been diagnosied with a csf leak in my T1 T3 i was wondering how do they go about treating this what are the risks and what procedure is done to treat it

Jrod   5-20-2006

For those of you recieving Social Security disability benefits due to low back pain caused by DDD, rupture, herniation, etc. please look into this. This is absolutely fantastic news for you people!

james potter   5-20-2006

Herniated disc at c-6/c-7 underwent fusion w/plate. now action tremors right ,left arms, right leg. hands not right , us of thumbs impossible do to pain.there are other areas effected left area obove my lip tingles, sharp pain in thumbs and index fingers, wrists hurt. eng shows pinched nerves on right but not left and there are two areas on my spinal cord in question with increased signal at t-2 in the area of the herniation. How do we check the spinal cord itself before I become further injured.

charles parrott   5-18-2006

my husband is a chronic back patient his disc are bone to bone and bulging disc in extreme pain with no relief needs help please get back with me for some kind of help thanks

Jrod   5-17-2006

On September 21st, 2003 I was involved in a car accident that created a rupture of my L5S1 disc with massive fragmentation.

Over the past 2.5 years, I have endured 100+ sessions of physical therapy, spinal injections, multiple doses of medrol dose packs and plenty of narcotics to attempt to mask my pain to know avail.

I have underwent a procedure called a discography, which is the most painful procedure they could possible do to a human being. Basically they put pressure on your damaged disc by injectiing it with an irritant as well as I am led to believe air pressure..... They will magnify your pain x10 in a matter of seconds all just to "physically" prove that you have a damaged disc.

I have been offered the choice of either having a fusion or Charite ADR. I chose the ADR since I am an extremely active individual and have thoroughly researched the topic from all of the European studies where the Charite disc originated.

On April 28th, I underwent an anterior approach, L5S1 disectomy with arthroscopy of the charite III artificial disc. Now, 20 days after the surgery I have no existing pain in my back, but have minor pain from sore muscles near my incision area.

The first words I mumbled coming out from my anethesia haze was "my pain is gone". No amount of prescribed narcotics could truly mask the pain of my back before this surgery, and sciatica was always present as that hot, electrocuting type pain radiating down my left leg.


I spent 3 days after surgery in the hospital recovering.

4 days after my surgery I did not need a walker anymore.

7 days after my surgery I discontinued use of pain killers.

14 days after my surgery I hit the 4 mile mark in my daily walks.

Yesterday, I had a checkup with my neurosurgeon along with a battery of X-rays. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Some words of advice out there.

I know that the majority of doctors nationwide who perform the Charite artificial disc replacement surgeries are Orthopaedics surgeons and are probably well qualified, I would see a Nuerosurgeon over and Ortho any day. Just my two cents! Alot of surgeons can work on bones and joints, but not very many people have the skills to work on the human brain.

Credentials, experience and reputation played a large part in my decision in choosing the proper surgeon. I consulted with and interviewed surgeons across the states of MN and WI. I also consulted with regular family practioners and found out who they would make a referral to. I even had the luxury of speaking with patients of fusion/adr doctors after I put my name on a contact list with clearance through risk management (following HIPAA compliance).

I am very happy I made such an informed decision on pursuing the Charite ADR procedure.

Also, I will answer any and all questions you may have about everything I have went through covering from pain management to the actual procedure of having the ADR done one me. You may contact me at jared720 (at)

Kind Regards,


Harvey J. Feenstra D.C.   5-15-2006

I was a canidate for spinal surgery at age 15. Chiropractic care came to my rescue. Disc replacement surgery shows much promise compared to the other forms of spinal surgery.

Alexander   5-14-2006

I have a great website with products and information for people dealing with arthritis -

Pippa   5-5/2006

Please help me. i was so please to find this site today, i would like to kindly thank every person involed.
Please please help, i have been in my bed for nearly one year now, i am in it 24 hours aday.i am in excuriting pain and have very limited movement , i can move my ankels feet, i have no torso movement, i am contantly heronsonical and have a same range of head movement, i am unable to look after myself, i have only 2 positions i can be in , one one my side with pillows between my legs and the other on my back load of pillows underneath my buttocks. i WASin a wheelchaie for 17 years and now i can no loger sit upatall. i am an only enormous amounts of opiates..i have fusion at the age of 14years..i went into a wheelchair by age 23years and mow at the age of 39 years i am now forty and have never moved from the bed..this has taken me over 3 hours to write this as i have to keep stopping due to unbearable and imorale pain...i have been begging for ads and help..since last year when i got rushed into hspital , i was proised help..i have from nhs in london ,only one test....i have fought so long to stay here stay alive, i do not want to die, i have been brushed off since day one at the age of 4,for 10 years being told i have growing pains.....i am fanciated with the Doctors in germany, their intelligence their intecrity their willingless to actually listen, iwould love to try and come to germany please can anyone help. i can send you allthe poerate articals scan s ect.thanyou for listenig, with regards and respect. pippa hughes . please excuse my wrting , i am so sorry i am rather dyslexic.

David peterson   1-2-2000

I like to know the name & address of an orthopeadic surgeon in London specailised in chest & ribs for my sister.

I will be grateful for your help

luis   5-5-2006

i have a bad disk in my spinal and i was wondering how much it would be for an artificial disk

Eric   5-2-2006

Mulitiple lever herniations: T12-L1 (moderat/severe), L4-L5 (severe), L5-S1 (severe, ruptured). Severe pain originating in L lower lumber radiating into left foot at times to the point I can not walk without holding onto something.

Damaged from mulitple years of pounding in army.

Need information on possible two level disk replacement (L4-S1 )in conjuction with a possible microdiscetomy at T12-L1.

Any options aside from fusion. I am only 39 y/o and in moderate to excellent physical condition.

Best regards,


steve   5-1-2006

i live in Los Angeles and i need
to have spine surgery for spinal
stenosis - they say a 3 level lamenectomy- does anyone have any
recommendations for a good surgeon
in the L A area or even outside of
L A - please e-mail me with your
recommendation at - fourkanes (at)
thanks --steve

Dominic M. Rescigno   5-1-2006

On April 5, 2006 I had disc replacement surgery on my L5 S1 disc. Almost a year from the day of my injury. On April 13, 2004 I was at work at an airport. I needed to check a back that was to go under the plane. The airline is supposed to weigh all bags that go under in the cargo area. If it is over 70lbs they are supposed to put a big yellow or red tag on it with the actual weight. Thats how we know if the bag is to heavy to lift on our own. The bag did not have a tag on it, therefor I lifted it and threw it on the table to inspect it. The second I got it to the table I felt instant pain and could not move. I called for help. The bag was checked and then weighed. It was 132lbs. I only weighed at the time 163. I was in good shape, but did not expect that. I was treated with no help. I was sent to a pain management doctor. Again no help. I was in constant pain. None of their procedures helped. Finally I went to see an orthopedic surgeon in Westfield, NJ. He did his tests, and concluded. I either needed a fusion or disc replacement. I opted for the replacement. I was an ideal candidate for it. It took me 7 months to get the approval from workers comp, but they finally did approve it. I was up and walking around the hospital the day after surgery with no back pain for the first time in two years. I was in the hospital for 5 days. 15 days after the surgery I went to see the doctor again. Everything was doing great. The surgery was a success. I was told I could start driving again. The following week I started therapy. Today I feel great. Im walking normally, and getting around great. I go to see the doctor again tomorrow. The only problem I have had is a pinched nerve in my right leg causing pain, but with therapy that is getting better. My doctor says that should go away completely within 6 to 8 weeks from the surgery. If you have any questions or have had it done. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at docakadom (at) I would love to hear from other people that have had this procedure. Good or bad.

Debra B   4-30-2006

Has anyone had or has any information on 3 level ADR with Bryan Discs below 2 level cervical fusion?

Dan Millikin   4-29-2006

Thought I'd share my little success story. I recently (Nov 4, 2004) had L5-S1 replaced with the charite 3, In Stenum, Germany buy Dr. Zechel. Who Specializes in spinal column operations: Since 1978 more than 2,500 interventions, the majority of which from dorsal. He could do the surgery with his eye's closed he's so good. Anyway I'm doing great now, this last winter i've gone snowboarding in tahoe a dozen times without a bit of pain. I even took some pretty hard spills and wasn't fazed. Prior to the surgery I spent years tying anything to improve my condition, with no luck it just kept getting worse. What finally pushed me to look into other means (ADR) was my doctor telling me I was at risk of becoming paralized below the waist. So that's it! had the surgery and a year and a half later I'm doing great. Let me know if I could help any one with anything, I know what it's like to be miserably in pain and depressed.

Jane   4-29-2006

I have degenerative disc disease & have been in constant pain since Dec '04. I have been to 2 Neurosurgeons. One says my broken down disc is pressing on my cyatica & suggested the spinal injections. Didn't work! The other Dr said it was muscular (17 months?) & suggested physical therapy. Didn't work. Both said I was not a candidate for surgery, yet I have heard about disc replacement with titanium disc. I don't understand why this wasn't even discussed. I'm starting to feel discouraged & sometimes hopeless. Is there any hope for me?

Susan Varga   4-23-2006

Hi Mark,

How are you? It was a pleasure to have met you. Are you rested up? I enjoyed every second possible in Munich post-op. I over did it every other day! I can say getting back to home reality is a bit trickier than I expected. I have right leg pain that is driving me nuts, a sciatic kind of thing ( which wasn't part of pre-op symptom)and a bit of incontinence which would come and mostly go with pre-op PT. Dr. Z says that hopefully the leg pain will fade. Any thoughts on this? The gyrotonics seemed to help this for about 12 hours after a session. I think that is encouraging, no? It has been 7 years since I have moved correctly. Am I expecting too much at this time? The back pain is GONE! My back has stopped spasing and seems to trust that it no longer has to be in hyper mode!

I read Melanie's story and was very moved by her story and your dedication to a positive outcome for her.

This has truly been a transforming ecperience an epiphany of some kind and I am getting very teary writing this. It doesn't take much really!

Thank you for your visits while in the hospital. Wishing you a wonderful spring!,


BRIAN SCHONES   4-20-2006


Julie Wisdom   4-19-2006

I was wanting more information on a disc replacement on L4 and fusion on L5. Is this experimental?

Don   4-18-2006

I am about to have fussion on my leftwrist do to arthritus, I play golf and would like to know of others that have had the same opperation, and what effect it had on their game.

tina   4-17-2006

i am a fittness trainer and one of the lady that has come in to my gym had shattered her L4 and L5 in her back;<br>i am trying to find some exercises that she can do that will not cause her any pain and that she can do comfortably.<br>the last thing i want to do is cause her pain. <br>could u suggest some? or suggest a web site that i may find some pictures to show her. <br> thank u<br> tina

Thomas Sahaj   4-17-2006

Can i talk to someone who had a charite disc replacement. I will be having L-5 done soon and I would like to hear any stories good or bad.<br><br>thank you

Tommy Box   4-11-2006

I hope someone can help me. In November 2005 I was bucked off a horse and landed on my left side. I broke my left wrist, left ribs, and left hip. I was flown to Parkland hospital in Dallas Texas where they performed surgery. I know have 3 pins in my left hip. I have had 12 weeks of physical thearpy and been to a chiropractor several weeks. I still cannot walk or stand normal. I have constant severe pain in my left groin, and buttock, which sometimes goes down to my knee. My back also is painful and my fingers and thumb or numb on my left hand. No one here seems to know what to do to correct my problem except to do physical thearpy and that is not solving my problem. As a matter of fact it is getting worse. I cannot sleep at night for the throbbing pain. Can anyone please help or give advice. Midland Texas

michelle brown   4-9-2006

I hope someone on this site can help me.For years I have been suffering with pain. About 10 years ago I had sat down at a restaraunt,got up and my right leg had a catch or something in the groin. I could not stand on it. went to the er the only thing they found was an enlarged lymphnode in my groin. since then ive had problems with my left leg, arm, neck,scapula. When it hit with my scapula i could not pick my arm up for 2 days, and it hit so fast, I got out of a car and back in and wham. I have had mris, myelogram, ecm. the mris show 3 discs in lower lumbar that are bulging and 1 that is herniated,but not a candidate for surgery. my neck there are no bulging discs just a small spot of incomplete fusion in c1 they said it was incidental. and also straightening of the cervical spine. Also im getting steroid injections. Still in a lot of pain. I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but now its both my legs when I lay down throb and hurt.please help. any advice would be beneficial.

Susan Mastromatteo   4-5-2006

Finally some progressive help. Keep providing information. Saw a show on this type of treatment and it gave me hope.

Jay Ferg   4-3-2006

I just found this site, and some contributors have posted some of their wisdom that is like manna to me. It has been 5 years now with this herniated disc at L4 and throbbing sciatica down the left butt cheek, back of left leg to back of left knee. Thankfully, the pain ends there. I've been so self-absorbed in my own pain situation that I've neglected my family. Over-medicating myself on many occasions. Charite ADR has been denied by insurance 3 times. Will not do a fusion. Too many failed back syndromes around. Just living with it and going to try that DXR traction therapy next. Some docs say that it's throwing away $. Anyone been there?

Jason Dickie   3-31-2006

I have already had a discektomy on my L-5 S-1 on Jan. 5, 2006. The same disc has reherniated. Th Dr. wants me decide between another diskectomy or a fusion. I have no idea. Please tell me what would be better to do. Workers Compensation won't pay for a disk replacement. Please email me at:dickiejason (at)

Kevin Amisson   3-27-2006

I have a dislocated c-5-6 disc and have been in pain for 14 months and medicated with oxcontin,percocet,fentynal and have seen many doctors .I am finally seeing a surgeon tomorrow and am pretty sure he will suggest fusion asI have see a couple specialists and this is what they suggest but now I have see many testomonies on here and am confused.I am going to ST MICHAELS HOSPITAL IN TORONTO And this is one of the best in CANADA so they say.Anyone had this done in T.O.Any help would be appreciated?It is March 27 2006 wish me luck signed TIRED KEVIN

lanna   3-25-2006

randy, why was your charite disc replacement not successful<br>lanna

Kathy B   3-25-2006

I was reading some of the ADR post op comments regarding leg and butt pain. I had an ADR with Pro Disc 10-14-04. My range of motion is excellent. I am slowly regaining strength in my left leg (was losing strength rapidly before surgery and had severe left leg and left butt pain). The pain is SLOWLY getting better but still there. My point is, keep moving, walking, practice core strenghthening and fitness and slowly over time I think you will improve. The progress is slow, but it takes time for the nerves to come back and you have to believe they will. I practice Pilates, Gyrotonic and work with a personal trainer 3X a week. Some may ask how can I afford that, and my answer is How can I not. I just eliminate other expenses and do what I have to do to stay motivated.<br>I am now suffering severe arm,hand, shouler, neck pain with weakness numbness etc. I have two herniated cervical discs and big bone spurs. All spine related issues from a car accident years ago. Now I am seeking ADR and two cervical levels. Dr. Delamarter performed my lumbar ADR and he is excellent and a nice person as well. I will be seeking opinions on neck surgery from Dr. Delamarter as well as Dr. Regan.<br>Be patient and practice the options I listed above if you are able. You will never be the same again but you can try to improve your quality of life and it takes time.<br>Good luck to all of you.

kw   3-23-2006

I was scrolling through this board and came across a request from 12/05. It mentioned the 3 Wishes Program and a doctor from SF. The doctor's name is Chris Ames and he is with UCSF Medical Center. Hope this info helps.

dan   3-21-2006

randy.... who did your surgery and at what hospital

randy   3-21-2006

I had a 2 level Charite discs implanted. Now with major problems my doctor want to remove them and do a fusion. I need info on risks as I understand this to be risky. Please help.

Terry W Stevenson   3-16-2006

Looking for alternitives to sergery. disc include l1,l3,l4,l5, s1

md   3-15-2006

i have been reading people's stories and i too have had multiple surgeries and still been in tremendous pain. i put on alot of weight and my blood pressure was going up to unhealthy levels. i then developed a gi bleed due to the motrin i was taking. i couldnt tolerate narcotics and work at the same time. i found dr bertagnoli through dr yue and i am now 4 weeks post 3 level lumbar adr and have none of the pain ihad preoperatively and am back to work full time. i never had any postop narcotics as the germans dont believe in them. i am amazed at how well i have done and the meticulous work of dr b. i was extremely nervous ahead of time even to think i was being scammed but what a relief when i woke from the anesthesia. i cant say enough about the care i received and the cleanliness of the hospital in straubing as well as the attention from the nurses. if anyone wants more info feel free to contact me. mike

jj   3-13-2006

To those who have been denied ssa/ssi I was denied twice over similar back surgeries - hired a lawyer-it worked. michael traurig,

yvan laroche   3-7-2006

After having taken lyrica for a few days I have a few red spots around the mouth and it is painfull...

Buddy   3-6-2006

Hi Roz, My name is Buddy and I am at my wits end with my 2 herniated discs, plus root nerve damage. If possible could you please:

1. let me know what discs you (if any) you had treated by the Pro Disk process.

2. Possibly answer more questions via off-line, e-mail exchange or quick phone call at my expense ?

I, like everyone, am in severe and chronic back pain.

Regards to you and all - and more importantly, well wishes for any pain free peace of mind miracle moments I call them.

andrew   3-6-2006

have had L5 charlite disc replacement 28-7-05 have done plenty of physio & had second op for pain down left leg which was not there before 1st op still plenty of physio but back at work light duties cant sit for too long with out pain and now been put on lyrica to try sharp pain when looking down & lifting legs up left side pain

ebob911   3-5-2006

the more i read on about lower back problems i see the problem is big problem there is not much help out there for the bad off.if the disc is bad there is nothing that can be done except to fuse the bone on top to the bottom one.The doctors try not to have to do this if they can cause what happens is the disc above and the disc below later on get worn cannot fuse to many together unless you want to have a back that wont bend at all.this sound crazy but overseas disc replacement is the norm.they have been doing it for i guess 15 years the usa we are still in trials with it.i am looking to get this done but no luck yet.after you are fussed then there is nothing else they can do but manage your pain and you will be on light duty forever.not to metion setting off metal detectors all the need to tell your doctors what medication you want not wait to see what they give pay a copay for him and for the medication and do it all over again next week.ultram is very good for me but i take more than it calls for and it will keep the pain from comming.i think the big seceret is this.dont allow it to start hurting before taking pain medication.take it even though it does not hurt cause you know it will later.if you keep it from coming you dont take as much. if i wait to start hurting i have to empty the cabinet to get it to stop.

ebob911   3-5-2006

kassandra.vicodin is chicken sh-t for your pain you need stronger the doctors always give you a hard time about it cause they dont feel need to go up to percoset or what i am on morphine sulfide.i have 2 bad disc 1 herniated and has finally helped while we play the doctor game.make sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.MRI dept,pain managment, physical therapy,before you get your surgery done all will get some first

Stacey   3-3-2006

I have permanent nerve root damage in my L-4 L-5 area of the spine. I have a Medtronic Neurostimulator that gives me about 90% relief from the leg pain. I was on Fentanyl/Morphine for 4 yrs before I got the stimulator. I am now off of all of that and I use 2 Vicodin a day. It is a god send. They can use up to 16 leads and can give you pain relief anywhere in your body. It is implanted and I don't even know it is there. Get a hold of Medtronic and find the pain doctor near you that does this. It does work.

murf   3-1-2006

where do you live in nebraska. Dr. Allen Sossan of Norfolk did all my surgeries.

Murf   3-1-2006

Mike and Kassandra;
In regards to SSI. It's really sad about the requirements for SSI. In regards to SSD, I have had 4 back surgeries in 9 months. I have nerve damage, complex regional pain syndrome, sacroiliac joint syndrome, just to name a few. I have been denied twice for SSD and is under appeal. Instead of waiting to see what my rehabilitative specialist had to say, they took the information from surgeon only and denied the second go round. His dictation was 3 sentences in length. I couldn't believe they could consider my lumbar surgery/fusion a success less than 2 months post op, but they, not to get you discouraged, but it will be difficult and take time. I would get an attorney...most do it on contingency if they take the case.

Murf   3-1-2006

Kassandra J;
I won't go into detail as to surgeries I'v had and nerve damage, etc but I will tell you what does help my nerve pain, Lyrica-Pregablin. By the way, I'd see a pain management specialist and he'll get you on some pain medicine that will help. I still think there's a doctor out there who could help. Good Luck. I do swear by the Lyrica for nerve pain.

Mark Mintzer   2-28-2006


Thanks for posting. People need to hear about fusion successes too. Your return email address didn't work. Please contact me, I'd love to hear more about your experience and invite you to future So. Cal. GPN events. Your story will be important to those who do need cervical fusion.


Emily   2-28-2006

This note is to Jules Lazz: I had a C6-C7 fusion done at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. They told me it was a very common surgery--basically, an orthopedist's bread and butter.

I had a pinched nerve to go along with my herniated disc, and the pain was unbelievable. I couldn't work or do anything--and, when I woke up, the pain was greatly greatly reduced. Now, I don't have pain associated with it at all. I, obviously, can't tell you it will be the same for you--but, if you ask around, I think you'll find the procedure is common and people do get better from it.
Best of luck to all of you guys--I've been there and have come out on the other side. I hope all of you do as well.

Kasandra J   2-27-2006

I am a 36 year old female. I have four levels of cervical herniated dics. Which are C4,5,6,7 I have seen two pain drs. two neurologists, a neurosurgeon, had a dicogram, mutiple MRI's,epidural steriod injections, and nerve blocks. Nothing has helped me as yet. I am taking Vicoden, flexeril, fliorinal, 3 antidepressants. I have tried Avinza, and Kadian which I was allergic to and can't take. My nuero-pain dr has told me I can only take 6 vicoden per day. which doesn't work. I am in constant pain even the medication only eases the pain but it never takes the pain away. It is affecting my right arm and leg. Every dr. that I go to eventually tells me that there is nothing they can do for me. Right now I can't work, I have no income. I thank God for my husband but his income alone is not enough. SSI denied me I am appeling. I have enough on my plate with my neck and I feel hopeless. All the Drs. end up telling me that only God can help me, and I feel absolutely hopeless, I pray for God to take me from here cause I am totaly hopeless. If anyone can tell me what I can do to ease my pain or if there is any dr or hospital that can help me, I would be grately appreciated. I live in the Chicago area, so if anyone can tell me where to find help or releif Please do so.

MIKE T   2-26-2006



jules Lazz   2-25-2006

I'm a 45 yrs old male in Toronto Canada and have cronic pain in my right arm ,shoulder and hand.The pain is with me 24-7.It has been more than a year since the onset which was gradual and not a result of any sudden trauma.I have had several MRI's and seen numerous Nero and orthapedic surgeons.I spent one yr and thousands of dollars on all types of treament one at a time to see if there were any real results.Nothing worked.One surgeon has offered to remove the disc at C6-7.I was fine with that until he told me the risks.Can anyone tell me if C6-7 is more dangerous than any other disc location.Is this something that is done every day?? or are the risks real? Are there any doctors out there who have done this surgery over and over with no complications to the patiant???? i'm on morphine now and can't go on .The breakthrough pain arrives after about three hours of taking the oxycontin.Does anyone Know of any alternatives???

At C6-7 level I have a large right paracentral posterior disc herniation,which affaces the anterior CSF space,and compresses the right anterior aspect of the cervical spinal cord.the herniation extends into the right C6-7 neuroforamen and liklely compresses the exiting C7 nerve root.

Jeannie   2-18-2006

I am looking for a dr who can do a lumbar disc replacement that is good. I live in Nebraska and would like to stay in this area. Does anyone know of anyone who can help me?

anna   2-17-2006

Hi there, I had a fall down the stairs and I have a ruptured disc at L4 and L3 and L5 have slipped. I have been advised against surgery by my doctor although I am living in pain 4-5 days a week, my whole life is suffering. Does anyone have a similar problem to me and has anyone had the surgery done. Please I would love some advice, Sarah.

ACSW   2-17-2006

Suffer from degeneration, acute back pain. L4,L5 Lumbar stenosis. Have recentMRI CTSCANS, MILIGRAM available, Desperately need consultation on next step. Advice on endoscopic (?) surgery

Roxie   2-16-2006

A car accident in 2002 I was left with severe neck and shoulder pain with radiculopathy radiating down left arm with numbness and tingling on radial side of hand. Fingers would turn blue.

MRI, Ct arthograms, ultrasound showed a disk herniation at C5-6 with bone spurs and compression on nerve roots.

I did not want a spinal fusion and cleveland Clinic stated I did not need cervical neck surgery but offered no relief. Agreed I did have shoulder problems that needed surgery with a diagnosis of rotator cuff tears and a meniscus tear as a result of the MVA.

AAA auto insurance has refused for 3 years to pay for any medication, no therapies, no nothing, no surgery and I have been off work ever since accident. I have no way to support myself and needed assistance from family.

Since the United States can give surgery to foreign patients I figured I needed to go overseas and went to Thailand.

I had a C5-6 disk diskectomy with a Prodisc C implant and in 3 days I was up riding an elephant and having no pain
and could move my head forward and backward and up and down. What a relief.

I still need shoulder surgery but I will be forever grateful for the wonderful care at Bumrungrad Hospital and Dr. Nanthandej who helped me so much.

I intend on seeing Dr. wichen for my shoulders this year. By the way my surgery was Aug 2005. The surgery was alot less than the U.S and some insurances might pay. I paid for my surgery myself.

Bunrungrad Hospital is the best place for implants other than Germany but not in the U.S.Let the insurance companies know we will take our business out of the U.S until they do a better job and the insurance start paying after an accident or a workers comp claim. Nazneen Mayadas, PhD.

Gary.....ADR SUPPORT   2-14-2006

i've not posted in a long long long time, well i'm back and coming up on my 4th year after a 2level prodisc surgery on L4/5&L5/S1, it's been the best journey my life has taken me on so far! no more back,butt,or leg pain at all. I have gone horseback riding,waterskiing, and i play golf regularly. I also drive a classic 33year old VolvoWagon with 4-on the floor daily. I basically have no restrictions what-so-ever, and feeling great. No back meds in my diet at all. I still see my surgeon annually to keep him abreast of my progress, afterall i was the 2nd 2level prodisc done under the trials in mid 2002 here in the U.S.

Jesse Noah Rogers   2-12-2006

I'm a candidate for artificial disc replacement. I had an accident 42 months ago that destroyd L4/L5 and L5/S1 disc. The damage was to severe for any type of disc repair. I'm now awaiting a trial and settlement before I can have the disc replacement. Any information that could help me is appreciated. Thanks very much. Noah

Karen   2-11-2006

I am 47 years old and just had my hopes smashed because Dr. Carl Lauryssen's office decided they would not perform a one-level fusion and two-level disc replacement because I am on Medicare. My husband and I offered to pay for the surgery, but they still wouldn't do it. Has anything been happening with Medicare so they will start to pay for these surgeries. I am crushed.

Cervical Disc Replacement   2-7-2006

I recently received a medtronic dic replacement at the c5 c6 level. I am doing fine after surgery. I am a police officer and my doctor has told me that I need to retire on disability, because I could have a spinal inury if I became involve with a combative person. My dept is fighting me on this. Does anyone have any information on this type of surgery and its effects on this occupation?

Sleepless   2-6-2006

My insurance company is denying the Dynesis procedure that I had 2005 on the basis that it is Experimental or Investigational. has anyone been covered, or can you give me information? Please.

dan   2-6-2006

does anyone ever answer on this network

dennis ruiz   2-5-2006

my mri shows 2 small disc protruision att8 t9 and a small annuler tear at this location will i need surgery in alot of pain

Roz   2-4-2006

I had the cervical Prodisc implant at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok TbrThailand by an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nanthandej.brbr This surgery was easier than any other surgery I had. 3 days in hospital and no pain at all. I was elephant trekkingbron day 4 fully recovered. I am now 5 months post op and have never had any physical therapy and no pain and no drugs for pain. My scar is small 2-3 inches in the front of the neck. brbr I am going back to have two more surgeries at the same hospital in December 2006 for bilateral shoulder surgery. brbrDr. Nanthandej is the best surgeon and Bumrungrad is best hospital. I paid out of pocket 15, 000 for surgery, a far cry from Cleveland Clinic and their inability to treat me properly or properly diagnose me.

Bente Andersen   2-1-2006

I had sergery in my neck in 2001. One Ray C titanium cage was inserted between L5 and L6. I was very happy because i was relieved from a great deal of pain. In 2004 I started having pain, musclespasms,num felling and sometimes burning pains in the left side of my body. It felt like all my muscles at the same time just kramped. Sometimes it was diffcult to swallow too. I had pain in my head and felt sick in my stomack. Left side was also the side where I had my damaged disc. I get sick from time to time and I cant get an explenation of why. It is very, very painfull. Here in Denmark they dont use the Rays C cage very much. I was operated in a private hospital. As far as i know it is the only hospital in Denmark where they use this particulac teknic. It also means that very few knows something about what I can expect in the time to come. I had an MR-scan 1 3/4 years ago. It did not give an explenation. Do anyone no something about the side-effects of the use of Rays C cage and what I can expect in the years to come. I am allergic to gras. I I have wondered if I could be allergic to the implant? When all this started 1 1/3 years ago I had an infection in my left lung. I have also wondered if there could be a connection? If bacteries could hide in the implant and not show up in a blood test?

Brenda Yeates   1-26-2006

I heard on the news in Nov. 2005 that the FDA was going to okay a new device that would be used instead of fusion. It looked like a worm that attached to the vertabrae above, then left the exact amount of space for a disc, then attached to the vertabrae below. You had all the movement in your spine, it just kept the vertabrae from moving out of line or crushing together. Does anyone know what this new device is called?

dan   1-26-2006

does anyone know what progress is being made on insurance paying for 2 levels of the charite device being installed

grunamuck   1-24-2006

What procedures are available for 2 symtomatic lumbar discs

Gary Links   1-23-2006

To all L-5 s-1 degenetive disc disease people.I had the first new procedure for the new fusion in the USA. It is called dynamic stabilaztion. Instead of going through the front and caging you with meatal and bone grafts, they go through the front and use bushings and bungy cords with screws to fuse you. You dont need bone grafts or cages. Plus you keep your flexability. I had it done in July of 2005 and Im working out and playing sports without pain right now . It is called Dynamic stbilaztion.ASk your DR.S about it. Dr Renkens In Indpls. a nerosurgen did me . Check him out if you want to be pain free.

Jackie   1-19-2006

I'm new here. Read lots,and noticed that alot of people have lumbar prblems, has anyone gone through any thorasic disc transpedicular resection.....
I have suffered through 2 surgeries ,pain is unbareable, possibility of another surgeon another surgury.
Any suggestions. I'm not sure this sight is good for me as I live in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada.
But if anyone has gone through this type of surgery I'd love to hear from you.
My email is
jackie_in_the _woods (at)
Please send soon as I see the new surgeon on Thusday Jan26.

Jackie   1-19-2006

I had a microdisectomy on what was supposed to be t7-t8, unfortunately the neurosurgeon miscalculated and it was done on t9-t10.
I was in terrible pain and knew the problem was not over. I was apologized to by the surgeon and he told me they would re-operate. I had no other choice the pain was unbareable. Within 2 weeks I was in surgery again.
The recovery time was months.
It has been 19 months now and I am suffering beyond anyones wildest dreams.
I live on oxycodone. Even with that the pain is constant.
I am now going to see another neurosurgeon in Toronto next week. I am terrified. But I know now that I rather be dead than live like this for the rest of my life.

Dena O'Connell   1-17-2006

I am writing because I don't know what to do anymore. I am 35 years old I have disc degeerative disease in L4-L5,L-5-S1. I have herniated disc, stenosis, mild scolisis, and two tears in my spine. This has been going on for about 3-4 years. I was a college athlete. I used to work out all the time. I am on medication. Have been for the past three-4 years. I want my old life back where I am not in constant pain. I get tingleing in my legs. My feet go numb. They keep sending me to neurosergeons. They say to physical therapy. I do and it hurts even more. I was suppose to go and see an othepedic in Boston but because my insurance won't cover it I am not going. What can I do

Anita Taylor   1-14-2006

I have multiple levels of degeneration that also causes much pain in my left leg, would like to see if I would be a candidate for any type of new procedures involving disc replacement. I'm a 44yr.old Mother of three grown children and could leave at the drop of a hat if you think you could help me with my pain. The pain is taking over my trying to enjoy life, I'm still young and do not want to take all kinds of pills to take care of the pain or meds to keep from depression due to so much pain. Can someone or Will Someone HELP ME? Please,

Anita Taylor
2718 Elva Dr.
Kokomo, In.

Karen Bowman   1-14-2006

Hello, I had a cervical fusion, a disc replaced and bone spurs removed 5 weeks ago. I am still having pain in my neck, head and shoulders. How long does it take for the pain to go away. No physical therapy was ordered. I am concerned the pain will always be there. I have alot of pain above my ears, the back of my head. Doctor states this is not from the surgery. I did not have this pain before surgery. Please advise

Mike L.   1-11-2006

Hi i have had back problems for about 3-4 years now. I am 25 years of age right now. I have to messed up discs. The first is the L5-S1 that has degenerative disc disease and a buldge, It is degenerated badly and has a 4 mm buldge. The second is right about it the L4-5 which has the same thing but is not as bad. The buldge on the second is only 2mm and it is only degenative around the outside of the disc. I have seen 2 diffrent surgeons and both told me that i would need to have a disc replacement for the L5-S1 disc. The problem is that i have been denied by my insurance and the state agreed with them through the IMR. Basically i am out of options i dont know what to do. The insurance will pay for the fusion but i am to young and dont want to lose that much of my flexability to move around. My surgeon told me that i was his first patient ever to be denied all the way :(. I take oxycotin and percocets for the break through. My life is prety much on hold because ether i am loopy beacuse of the pills or my back hurts so much i cant do anything. If i try to do my excercises no that i used to like matrial arts, sports, working on cars, etc... i pay for it the next couple of days were the pain killers have a hard time doing anything. Also my stomach is so screwed up from all the pain pills becuase they game me a ton of vicodin and norcos for a long time before they put me on long term medication.I am very depressed all the time becuase i cant do shit and i am running out of options. Also everything that i did love i cant do. I dont understand my insurance company Blue Cross. The thing is that mutiple insurance companies have okayed the procedure. I dont know what to do....They said they are dening it because they dont know the long term effects...which is such bullshit cause its been out in europe for so long. Damn the US is slow on medicine :(. I would just pay for the procedure but dont have that kind of money laying around. If anyone has any ideas of what i can please please let me know
Thanks Mike

Anthony   1-9-2006

Just wondering what to do. I am a 35 year old healthy male, played sports my whole life. Been married now over 5 years, 2 kids and one L4 L5 discoptomy 5 years ago. Prior to my surgury I have had back pain since I was 18, on and off till I hit rock rock bottom in my late twenties. well......up till the last few years I have noticed and felt some of my symptoms return, crocked back, aching spine, nerves down my legs and to my feet. The doctors told me I would be a perfect canidate later on in life, for a fusion. I have come across
charite is still very new....I am at a crossroads as to which direction to go. I can barely keep up with my 5 and 3 year old. I am very depressed, however I still manage to make it to work every day. Any feed back would be greatly appreciatted.

Tony T   1-9-2006

Has anyone had a negative ADR experience overseas? I am scheduled for surgery on 1/28/06 and would like to hear some feedback if someone has a had a less than expected outcome.

joanne   1-1-2006

esther, what type of sacordosis do you have.does it affect ,your lung,or joints?

joanne   1-1-2006

esther, what caan of sacordosis do you have. does it affects your lungs,joints, or what?

sacordosis   1-1-2006

I have been told that I have sacordosis. there appears to be little information about the disease and my doctors appear to be slow in treating it. Where can I go for the best treatment?

Esther Silver-Parker

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