Luncheon with Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli
Huntington Beach, California - October 25, 2003


This luncheon was organized before GPN even existed.  I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Bertagnoli during one of his trips to Southern California.  I had several 'spiney' friends that I knew could benefit from some time with him, so I asked him if he'd consider attending a gathering of spine patients.  I was surprised when he offered to do a formal lecture and spend an entire day with us.  Joanne from the Braintalk forum help organize the event.  Patients came from as far as Ohio to hear Dr. Bertagnoli speak.  (Poncho has since had a 2-level ProDisc done Vienna and is doing great!)   We had about 25 patients attending, including many of my long-time internet friends. 

Thank you, Dr. Bertagnoli for your kindness and generosity.  What a great day!




MGH Braintalk Spinal Disorders forum discussion of about this luncheon.


Email from Gary C., 2-level ProDisc recipient:


I'm still not quite sure how you arranged having Dr. Bertagnoli come and speak with us.  I was very impressed with his presentation, patience, understanding and compassion of us as patients. It says quite a lot to me, just his willingness to speak with us in that kind of forum. I can't tell you how much I learned about my condition and he in one afternoon answered more questions I have had about my back since this all started just about 29yrs ago. Not one US Doctor has put DDD into those terms in which I understood like Dr. Bertignoli did yesterday, or explain in detail how surgery is decided, what theories, methods are used. I am still "blown away" by the whole experience.

It was great to see you yesterday. We have both advanced far beyond our expectations.........anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible opportunity to meet Dr. Bertagnoli, and see a lot of people I have been corresponding with!




Post by Larry (LabEng) on
this Braintalk forum thread:


I was at the luncheon in Huntington Beach last October and met Dr. Bertagnoli. I canít begin to express to everyone how valuable that meeting was for me. I learned more about ADR in that 4 hours then I did researching the net for 6 months.

I was already scheduled for my 2 level Prodisc operation in November when I went to the luncheon. My surgeon was surprised with the questions that I had for him just prior to the surgery. He wanted to know where I gained all of the information that I had. He couldnít believe it when I told him about the luncheon and presentation that I had attended with Dr. B.

If any of you can make it to this oneÖdonít miss out. If you benefit only half of what I did, it will be well worth the trip.